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“I'm able to multicast to all of my social media with a few clicks”

DJ Rudeben
Spreadmix User from Brighton, United Kingdom

“Having the ability to stream to all of my social media at ones and reach out to a wider audience its just great and all at the click of a bottom, life changer.”


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Common Questions

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Can you stream to Spreadmix with OBS?
Does the Spreadcaster consume more bandwidth / processing power the more platforms I stream to?
Due to our cloud based splitting technology your PC doesn't have to open several processes to livestream to multiple platforms simultaneously. Instead of 8 different streams your PC only needs to broadcast one stream to our Spreadmix Cloud. From there we take care of the rest and ensure a stable multistreaming experience for you and your listeners.
In what quality is the audio signal transmitted?
You can stream audio quality with up to 320 kbit/s.
Is there any loss in quality when streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously?
There is no loss in quality due to the cloud based Spreadmix Splitting technology. The Spreadmix-engine always prioritizes the audio-quality of your stream, giving you excellent quality no matter the amount of platforms you stream to.
Is it possible to capture audio directly from my Soundcard or my DJ controller?
Yes, the Spreadcaster has been specially designed to stream audio in HiFi quality. Not only does it support capturing from your microphone, but also all common soundcards as well as DJ controllers.